The River Cage

“I had no choice.” Disgraced homicide detective Mary Swift hears that excuse every day from criminals. Now she’s saying it herself.


When a Paralympic ski coach is brutally murdered in the resort town of Whistler, Mary has a chance to redeem herself and regain her old job. All she has to do is betray the man she loves and nail his best friend for murder.

As the case unfolds amid simmering corruption and prejudice , suspicion falls on the murdered man’s fiancée, a Paralympic ski racer with a troubled past as a stripper. Mary’s not so sure, and the only two constables she trusts are working against her.


Constable Devon Dall, ex-military police Afghanistan, has an Oxycodone addiction and a runaway daughter whose fingerprints are at the murder scene.


Constable Jean-Marc Bellerive looks and acts like a choirboy on steroids. But under his uniform he’s in trouble up to his fishnet stockings and black lace garter belt over stolen photos that he’s desperate to recover.


Mary can’t trust anyone, but in the end she must believe in the one person who’s let her down the most—herself. As the killer’s motives unravel, Mary faces heart-breaking and dangerous decisions that will either change her life forever, or cost her her life.